You’re in Control

Your dedicated team, sourced and supported by us

Make Better and Informed Decisions
by keeping focused on growth and development


Keep technologies consistently available with diverse support capabilities

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Thrive in  sustainability with thorough finance capabilities

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Get more done with the right support capabilities in different business functions

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Sales and Marketing
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Back Office 
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Customer Contact
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I.T. Services
and Solutions
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Field Support
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HR and Finance 
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Drive Business Growth 
by transforming possibilities to actual business value  


Bizherd is an Outsourcing and Offshore Services provider that provides businesses with diverse support services and staffing solutions across different business functions.


Our flexible service delivery platform lets you choose to hire and work with dedicated staff in a remote or fully-managed setup, depending on what works best for your business.


Our result-driven approach in finding the right people lets you benefit from enhanced productivity and reduced staffing costs, so you can ultimately grow your business in a smart way.


Focus on Your Core Activities

Save Costs

Promote Efficiency

Maintain Operational Control

Staffing Flexibility

Continuity and Risk Management

Develop Internal Staff

How It Works

Give Us a Job Description
  • They can include job description, or summary of tasks and goals

  • You can be as precise and pressing as you can be

  • You can send it via email or as attachments in different formats (.doc, .pdf, or .rtf)

We'll Hire and Build Your Team
  • We'll look into our talent pool and find qualified people that matches your needs

  • Candidates will be screened through an initial interview and the best matches will be endorsed to you right away

  • If needed, more candidates will be polled and endorsed or until you find the perfect fit

Work with Your New Team Right Away
  • You have complete control over your team's workflow, shift hours, metrics, and tasks

  • We'll take care of the finer details like working spaces, resources, attendance, time tracking, and payroll.



Find Your Fit

Discover Vast Career Opportunities based on your passions, skills, and interests. 

For Employment

To apply for a job with Bizherd Corp, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

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