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Finance Personnel

Optimising key processes to better enhance your business’s operational and financial agility

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Outsource highly skilled professionals to be a part of your team in the Philippines. We have vast experience creating finance teams to assist our clients.

  • Accountants

  • Bookkeepers

  • Loan Processors

  • Payroll Support

We improve your business finance and accounting processes through analyzing your current status and providing you with specific development strategies to expand your business.We only select skilled and knowledgeable F&A personnel who are well–versed with F&A best practices and are experienced in optimising key processes to better enhance your business’s operational and financial agility.

From daily entry and maintaining up-to-date detailed accounts of accounting transactions to providing daily or weekly reports of these records, your offshore bookkeeper can save you money while allowing you to focus on your core business – thus, positively impacting your bottom line.

We hire highly qualified loan processors for you and they get the job done. Loan processing can get tedious and burdensome as they are the go-between the borrower and the lender. They negotiate the loan on behalf of the clients and handle the full cycle of loan processing from lodgment and tracking to settlement. Alongside, they provide general admin support including bank reconciliations and issuance of insurance documentation.

Payroll support personnel prepare and process payroll data of employees correctly and in timely manner by sourcing and consolidating information from timekeeping records. They file, maintain, and update payroll records including exemptions, resignations and transfers. They also ensure payroll policies are adhered to and that payroll issues or discrepancies are validated, reconciled and resolved.

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